New Entry and Exit information for all Members!

NEW ENTRY AND EXIT information for all members:

ONLY PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS are allowed into the KGTC entry hallways and cubby area. ++

Other family members must remain in the TCC lobby area at drop off and pick up time. Family members can view the gym from the 2nd window area.

(see below for FAQ for active start athletes/special considerations)

To help your child with entry and exit transition from the TCC lobby into the gym, and from the gym at pick-up time, please follow the below guidelines.

Athletes should arrive no more than 5 minutes before class time. Athletes are to stay in the lobby area supervised by a parent/adult/caregiver.

           Be ready for your class before entering KGTC.

  • Visit the TCC washroom/ change-room to get ready for class
    • Dress in appropriate clothing (No jeans, zippers, belts or oversized clothing). 
    • For adult with athlete programs, the support adult/parent is also required to wear appropriate clothing.
    • Take off all jewelry, necklaces/rings/earrings other than studs.
    • Long hair must be tied back, away from face.
  • Put all personal items in a backpack or leave your belongings with your  parent/caregiver.
    • Turn cell phones off or to vibrate.
  • Remove outdoor shoes: please carry shoes into gym or put into backpack.
  • Fill water bottle as needed                                                                                                                         (NO glass or ceramic bottles allowed in the gym).      Water ONLY allowed in the gym.
    • Finish any snacks.
    • No gum allowed in gym or cubby area.

Enter KGTC no more than 2 minutes prior to class time.

QUIETLY line up, single file along right-hand (window) side of the hall.

  • Wait along wall until directed by coach.
  • When directed, place belongings in a cubby and move to designate start area.
  • Water bottles are placed in cubby by fountains.
  • Follow directives of staff

Athletes who have a snack time or require a snack for medical reason may take it to the athletes lounge once instructed to enter the gym area.

Departing KGTC after class: 

  • Athletes will take their belonging following class and line up back in the KGTC hallway.
  • Athletes are to wait in the hallway until they see their pick up adult in the lobby.

If your child is allowed to leave KGTC without an adult present, KGTC must have a signed permission form on file. See Member Services.


Where do I find program dates, information for KGTC event or class cancellations?

The best source for the above information is the KGTC webpage calendar. Some of that information is also on your program receipt.

Keep an eye for memos sent home, information posted beside the entry door and the calendar on the wall across from Member Services.


Running late — 

Please tell your child that if you do not arrive on time for pick up, they should let Member Services know or go back into the gym to tell a coach. At that time, they will go into the office to call or to wait.


I need to pick-up my child early?

Please send a written note for your child’s coach OR contact Member Services who will inform the coach.


My child needs assistance or I need to speak with them quickly?

Please check in with Member Services for assistance


If Member Services is closed and you need to talk to, assist or collect your child early? 

A parent may pop into the cubby area to ask for assistance. Please talk to the closest coach to help you.


I have a question or wish to talk with my child’s coach?

Please contact Member Services either before class to get the message to the program leader or coach. They will contact you when they are not on the gym floor.