Fundraisers at KGTC

At KGTC, the largest fundraising effort ever undertaken is also one of our proudest accomplishments – becoming a mainstay at the Tournament Capital Centre. Used for training by sports teams and gymnasts, competitive events and community users, the KGTC facility partnered with the City of Kamloops and moved into a new facility with newly purchased equipment. Once the facility opened, our programs and role expanded. Not only are we are a gymnastics and trampoline and diving athletic facility, but we also teach the fundamental skills that are the basis of all sports and a life-long love of physical activity.

Many individuals, teams and classes participate in fundraisers to help raise funds for ongoing equipment purchases, repairs and maintenance.

If there is a specific fundraiser for a special purpose (for example, Team Travel Meet), the fundraiser must be approved and coordinated with our General Manager before any advertising or promoting of the event/fundraiser. The event or fundraiser should fit into KGTC’s mission statement of providing and encouraging health, fitness and personal excellence in a safe and fun environment. The event or fundraiser must also fit into KGTC’s calendar of events and must clearly state the purpose of the fundraiser. If the fundraiser is any type of “game of chance”, KGTC must complete the gaming application and the final report is to be submitted to the General Manager in a timely fashion so as to ensure a new licence is available for another fundraising group.

How does KGTC and our Athletes fundraise? Our main methods of fundraising are:

Davison Orchards Apple Fundraiser

The Great Little Coupon Book

Cookie Dough and Cheesecake Fundraiser

Poinsettia, Wreaths and Table Toppers