Family Participation Program

The Family Participation Program (FPP) is an essential part of KGTC and is your opportunity to be a part of helping to achieve excellence. By giving back to the club and taking an active role, you help KGTC to achieve more, reach our goals and keep our fees affordable.

Everyone is welcome to help. Your involvement has a direct and positive effect on your child’s passion and achievements and builds a collaborative family network within KGTC. Opportunities for non-coaching activities are supported by the club.

Who must participate in the program? Family participation is mandatory for families in the Competitive, Performance and Developmental programs who use our facility the most, but no matter what program your child is in we welcome your help.

KGTC calculates your participation requirements based on the combined training hours of all participating athletes in your family. There are two options for participating:

  1. Supporting events with your time and effort, and/or
  2. Opting out and paying the Family Participation fees.

Why do we offer the Family Participation Program? Kamloops Gymnastics | Trampoline Centre is a not-for-profit society that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. There is a priority to keep training fees as low as possible. To do this, we offer our Advanced Programs (Competitive, Performance and Developmental) a discount on training fees with the expectation that parents participate in volunteering initiatives.

Consider how you can help. There are many simple ways to meet the participation requirements. Please take the time to consider where you and your family are most suited to contribute. Your valuable time not only makes our events more spectacular and successful but it also helps to maintain our wonderful facility.

How do I sign up? Opportunities to participate can be found on the Sign Up Genius. Sign up is on a first-come, first-served basis with new opportunities posted regularly.

Remember to record your participation hours. Parents are responsible for recording all their family participation hours as they are completed throughout the year and we encourage you to record this as soon is convenient. This can be done at Member Services by email or in person.

Please note that once your participation requirement has been reached, it is still important to continue to record additional hours completed. This helps us with our annual BC Gaming funds application.

We must continue to demonstrate to the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch that we have active and engaged volunteers. The application for gaming funds requires a comprehensive accounting for volunteer activities and their respective hours. This is then translated into dollars, or how much we would have to pay to replace those volunteer activities. This grant helps to keep fees as low as possible and the total hours could affect the amount of funding we receive.

How are family participation requirements calculated? The participation requirements depend on your combined family training hours (total training hours for all your children in the Competitive, Performance and Developmental programs). Please refer to the Family Participation Requirements Matrix for details.

Training Hours per week combined per family KGTC Invitational Requirements KGTC Invitational Opt Out Fees Additional Participation Requirements Additional Participation Opt Out Fees
4-8 6 hours $150 Total training hours per week $125
9-14 6 hours $150 Total training hours per week $250
15-20 6 hours $150 Total training hours per week $400
21-25 6 hours $150 Total training hours per week $550
26+ 6 hours $150 Total training hours per week $675
KGTC Committee Work May include: Awards, Minor Officials, Hospitality, Sponsorships, Admissions, Volunteer Check In.
KGTC Invitational There are many options of tasks to participate at our annual event: from set up to tear down and on events days we need MANY hands! Set up March 14th, Event March 15th-17th. Leadership roles for Volunteer Check In, Admissions to name a few.
Additional Participation These hours are to be completed from September to May. Options of activities and events may include: fundraising distribution helpers, assisting at in-house events, foam pit clean ups, lost and found, janitorial service. These hours may also be completed at the KGTC Invitational in March.
Opt Out Parents can opt out of the family participation requirements by submitting payment for the amount owing in accordance to the requirements.
Balance Owing Hourly rate of family participation is set at $25 or as stated in the matrix. If PARTIAL requirements are completed (including payments for missed hours) the amount charged will be the BALANCE left of the total requirement.
Exceptions If parents are unable to fulfill these requirements, please submit a letter to the General Manager explaining the reasons within two weeks of registration. Requests and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
Sign Up All participation opportunities will be listed through the Sign Up Genius online program. All postings will be completed on a first-come first-served basis. To access Sign Up Genius you can go our website and select Members/Volunteer at KGTC.
Recording Hours It is the parent’s responsibility to record their family’s hours. The hours will be tallied in early January and once again by early May.
Withdrawl from the Program or Late Entry We count on the participation of all parents throughout the year.

If you join the program late you will be given your requirements at the time of registration.

If withdrawing from the program, any outstanding hours not completed until the last day of training will be added to your statement and additional participation hours will be pro-rated for the portion of training completed.