You’re thundering down the runway, launching into your fifth backflip in a row. For a moment, it feels like the whole world is rotating around you. Then it’s over. And thats when the crowd goes crazy.

Tumbling is a truly breath-taking type of gymnastics. It is all about somersaults, flips and twists – and linking them together, one right after the other. If you have already got a bit of gymnastics experience, it is easy to get started with tumbling (not to mention a whole lot of fun).

If you already love doing somersaults or cartwheels, you will find tumbling really easy to get into – whatever age you are. You will start by learning how it feels to perform simple tricks on a sprung runway. Then, as your technique and confidence grows, you will learn to perform amazing sequences of flips and twists. If you get a kick out of competing, there are competitions for every age range from child to adult. Of course, if you want to tumble just for fun, go for it!

Ready to become a tumbler? KGTC provides a safe, friendly environment with professional coaches to help you learn. Gymnastics can be adapted to be inclusive for everyone, regardless of your ability. What are you waiting for – Join KGTC today.