GymStars Girls


It’s time to Excel! GymStars is where dedication meets excitement, focusing on honing skills through strength training and skill repetition, all while keeping the atmosphere fun and engaging. As participants show growth, we introduce more complex activites and challenges, enhancing their confidence and proficiency on the gymnastics apparatus

This Class is Designed For? Girls who are dedicated to practicing twice a week, have a passion for competition and performance in the future, and are eager to master more sophisticated gymnastics techniques. Entry into the GymStars Program is exclusive, available through invitation or evaluation only.

How Do I Register?

The GymStars program runs from September to June (10 months). Please contact the Program Coordinator, Jayleen Sideritsch, for further information,

Class Details: Dive into two hours of advanced training and fun, twice a week

Class Prep 101:

Dress for success in a leotard, keep long hair tied back, and remove jewelry to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience. Check out our Athlete Boutique for stylish leotards and shorts!

Hydration Matters: Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. Please, no food or juices in class except for medical needs.