image12Our Diving program trains for two levels of competition: Provincial, National. Once you have mastered all five dives, you are ready to compete at a High Performance level. You will compete at Provincial, Western Canada, National and International Meets. You will be eligible to try out for Canada Games, Pan Am Games and World Championships. You will compete with others of the same age and will probably train for 5 hours per week or more. You will also take part in Training Camps, Sports Medicine Testing, and other Athlete Symposiums.

image10Competitions: Provincial level competitions are governed by Diving BC. These competitions are a good fit for new competitors and athletes who want to train for fewer hours.

National competitions are governed by Diving Canada and they provide opportunities for inter-provincial and international competition. Athletes who compete at this level train for many hours and have a high-skill level. Their goals may include joining Team Canada!

Who is this program for? Athletes wishing to further their development and have a true love of diving, and who are committed to training two to five times a week.

The Diving program is by invitation or assessment only. Please contact Member Services to arrange an assessment for this program.

How do I register? Programs run from September to June (10 mos). Admittance into the program is generally for a summer or September start. You may register online or in person.

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image11Class info: