Trampoline: 7 YRS TO 19 YRS


You are upside down, twenty feet in the air, experiencing a moment of weightlessness. For an instant, time seems to stand still. You peer down at the faces far below you, reach out to the sky and think to yourself: so this is how it feels to fly…

Trampoline is one of the most exhilarating sports there is. From the very first day, you can experience the thrill of leaping higher than you ever have before. Then, as you build your strength and skill, you can challenge yourself to go higher and higher. The sky really is the limit.

Whether you already enjoy bouncing in your back garden or want a thrilling way to get fit, you will find a lot to love about trampolining. With classes for adults, teens and children as young as eight, getting started couldn’t be easier. First you will learn how to perform single aerial tricks and maintain your rhythm. Then, as your skills and confidence grow, you will build up some incredible big-air stunts. If you want you can even show off your stuff at one of the competitions for your age group. Of course, if you would prefer to bounce just for fun and fitness, that’s great too.

Ready to become a trampoline gymnast? KGTC provides a safe, friendly environment with professional coaches to help you learn. Gymnastics can be adapted to be inclusive for everyone, regardless of your ability. What are you waiting for – Join KGTC today.

Who is this program for? Boys and girls who want to learn how to do  jump on a trampoline, get fit, and have better balance, strength and coordination for other sports.

How does the Trampoline Program work? Athletes progress through fundamental skills and skill builder skills. Each level represent numerous skills – some may take only one session to complete, while others may take many session. To complete a level, you must master all of its skills – once that is done, you can progress to the next level! The 10 month program is designed so that athletes can have consistent, long-term skill development with the same coach. It helps them to achieve goals and gives them a regular group of friends to practice with each week. For parents, it eliminates having to register for each session, the possibility of being waitlisted, and it helps you plan your schedule.

How do I register? You may register online or in person.

When do I register?

  • Classes run in a 10 month program from September to June.
  • Registration begins in July and is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Registration dates for our summer programs will be posted in our website in the spring.

What to bring to a session? We want children to have fun while they learn in a safe and secure environment.

They should wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move easily. Shorts and t-shirts are great – just ensure that clothes are not too baggy as it may become a danger or too tight to be restrictive. Long hair should be tied back and socks and shoes removed. Jewelery or other items that might cause scratching or become caught in materials must be removed.

KGTC has leotards and shorts available for purchase in the Athlete Boutique.

Food and Drink? A water bottle is permitted. No food or juices are permitted in the session unless for medical reasons.

Class info:

  • 1 hour, once a week
  • 1.5 hours, once a week
  • 2 hours, once a week


Explore trampoline gymnastics and improve your fitness! Focus on learning foundation and basic skills with body management during flight elements, landings and body coordination. Focus will be on the events of Trampoline, Double Mini and Tumbling.

Who is this class for? Children who love to jump, turn and drop, but who also want to develop their spatial awareness and strength for other sports. Athletes wanting to explore trampoline gymnastics and to improve their fitness.

Class info: 1 hour, once a week.


Build on the strong foundations established in Trampoline Fundamentals with a focus on higher-level skills and eventually inversions (flips). Athletes need to master landings and rotations in preparation for skill development. Fun, improving fitness and fundamentals remain the focus.

Who is this class for? Athletes physically and mentally ready to bounce higher, longer and move into rotations and must have previous fundamental trampoline experience and who are interested in progressing to more advanced trampoline.

Class info: 1.5 hours, once a week.


Trampoline for Teens is a program for athletes ready to take flight. Athletes must be keen to learn and refine all basic skills and be motivated to physically and mentally prepare for higher skills. This is a blend of the fundamental and skill builder skills and more geared for older (teen) athletes.

Who is this class for? Teens who love to jump, turn and drop, but who also want to develop their spatial awareness and strength for other sports.

Class info: 1.5 hours, once a week.