PlayGym: 12 MOS TO 5 YRS

Welcome to KGTC: Where Every Child Shines Bright!

At KGTC, we transform natural energy into extraordinary achievements. Your little gymnast already has the spark; we’re here to fan the flames with engaging activities that boost balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. Under the guidance of our expert coaches in a fun-packed environment, your child will lay the foundation for a vibrant, active lifestyle.

Why Choose PlayGym? Safe, welcoming, and inclusive, our program adapts to every ability, offering a perfect blend of professional coaching and playful learning. It’s time to leap into gymnastics with KGTC!

Getting Started is Easy!

  • Register Online or In-Person: Secure your spot early to join our Fall (S1), Winter (S2), or Spring (S3).
  • Stay Tuned for Summer Camps: Registration details will be announced in spring.

Class Prep 101:

Dress for success in comfortable attire, keep long hair tied back, and remove jewelry to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience. Check out our Athlete Boutique for stylish leotards and shorts!

Hydration Matters: Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. Please, no food or juices in class, except for medical needs..

WIGGLES GYMNASTICS (12 MOS TO 1.5 YRS) Adult Participation Required

Time to Play and Grow Together! Did you know the way children grow physically intertwines with their overall development? Engaging in play is a fantastic pathway for young ones to enhance their social, emotional, cognitive, and self-regulation abilities. Dive into a world of fun with our adult and tot class at KGTC, designed to introduce you and your little one to the exciting realm of active start equipment and activities.

In our playful, coach-guided sessions, both parents and tots engage together in structured activities. These sessions are more than just playtime; they’re a foundation for building physical literacy. Through active exploration, toddlers develop crucial skills like coordination, balance and confidence. They’re encourage to discover their boundaries and take safe risks, all within a secure environment.

Who Should Join? This class is perfect for parents eager to foster their toddler’s motor skills and coordination, all while having a blast in a welcoming, social setting.

Class Details: Enjoy 45 minutes of engaging play, once a week. Let’s make every moment of play a step towards growth and learning!

SQUIGGLES GYMNASTICS (18 MOS TO 2.75 YRS) Adult Participation Required

Discover and Play Together! Embark on an adventure where every climb, crawl, and step is a journey of discovery! Our 45-minute parent and tot class is a playground of exploration, inviting you and your little explorer to navigate through an obstacle course of blocks, ladders, tunnels and bridges. It’s not just about moving, it’s about discovering movement in all its forms with our Active Start equipment during engaging activities.

This structured, coach-led session is a unique blend of fun and learning, designed to introduce the fundamentals of physical literacy. As tots engage in play, they naturally develop essential skills such as coordination, balance, and confidence. They’re encouraged to push their boundaries and explore their limits, all within the secure confines of our safe environment.

Who Should Join? This class is tailor-made for parents looking to enrich their toddler’s motor skills and coordination through adventurous play in a friendly, social setting.

Class Details: Join us for 45 minutes of dynamic exploration, once a week. Let’s turn playtime into a gateway for growth and development!


Get Ready to Move! Three-year-olds are bundles of energy, always ready to explore and engage. At KGTC we invite your little ones to sprint, leap, and dive into fun with our gymnastics-themed playtime. Each week brings new excitement with playful themes and the guidance of our warm, enthusiastic coaches. This class is a wonderful opportunity for your child to grow in self-assurance as they step into the gym on their own, leaving mom and dad cheering from the sidelines.

Embarking on this solo journey, they’ll navigate through circuits and interactive play, sharpening their motor skills, building strength, and enhancing their coordination. Activities like swinging, landing, rolling, and climbing not only refine their physical abilities but also bolster their confidence and social skills, setting them on a path to greater independence.

This Class is Perfect For? Toilet-trained youngsters eager to move, tumble, and jump. It’s an ideal setting for parents who desire their children to develop their physical capabilities and confidence in an organized, yet incredibly fun, environment.

Class Details: Join us for 60-minutes of dynamic play, once a week. Let’s make movement a memorable adventure for your child!


Adventure Awaits! Dive into a world of excitement with our weekly themed classes designed to ignite a passion for movement, gymnastics, and playful interaction with peers. As your child’s confidence and independence soar, we introduce new activities and movement challenges on each apparatus, tailored to their growing capabilities. Our focus for the 4-year-olds is a delightful blend of fun and fitness, laying the groundwork for physical literacy skills essential in all sports. From hanging to swinging, balancing, kicking, catching, and jumping, we cover the fundamentals of gymnastics in a way that feels like play, fostering a sense of independence and boosting confidence.

This Class is Ideal For? Young adventurers who love to tumble, climb, and explore movement. It’s the perfect fit for parents seeking a supportive environment where their children can enhance their abilities and self-assurance through structured, enjoyable activities.

Class Details: Embark on a 60-minute journey of fun and learning, once a week. Let’s nurture your child’s love for movement and exploration together!


Time to Play and Laugh! What’s better than engaging games and endless laughter? Our classes are designed to enrich children’s group interactions, enhance listening skills, and boost confidence through movement. We invite your little ones to explore and learn in an environment that’s as fun as it is safe. With weekly themes that spark imagination, children embark on adventures that offer both group camaraderie and the chance to grow independently. As they navigate though activities, youngsters dive into the world of fun and fitness, honing the physical literacy skills fundamental to all sports: from hanging, swinging, and balancing to kicking, catching, and jumping. Gymnastics movements become a familiar playground, nurturing their independence and bolstering their confidence with each class.

This Class is Perfect For? Energetic youngsters ready to tumble, climb, and explore. It’s an ideal setting for parents to empower their children with physical skills and self-assurance in an organized yet incredibly joyful environment.

Class Details: Join us for an hour of fun, once a week. Let’s create joyful memories while laying the foundation for a lifetime of active play!

Fun 4’s JUMPERS (4 YRS TO 5 YRS)

Time to Bounce! Dive into the world of trampoline gymnastics with us, where tumbling, fast track, double mini, and trampoline adventures await! This program perfectly blends excitement, physical fitness, and the basics of gymnastics, introducing new activities and movement challenges to match your child’s growing confidence. Our focus is on making fitness fin and continuing to nurture the essential physical literacy skills fundamental to all sports: from hanging and swinging to balancing, kicking, catching, and leaping into the air.

Who Is This Class For? Ideal for kids who can’t resist tumbling, bouncing, and staying in motion. It’s crafted for parents to bolster their child’s physical abilities and confidence within a joyful, structured environment.

Class Details: Jump into an hour of exhilarating fun, once a week. KGTC is the springboard your child needs to unlock endless potential, blending fun with fitness in a way that encourages every child to reach for the stars.

CanGYM FUNdamentals GYMNASTICS (4.25 YRS TO 5 YRS)

Get Ready to Shine! CanGYM FUNdamentals is where the excitement of learning meets the thrill of gymnastics. Dive into the fun of learning fundamental movements: mastering how to move, land safely, maintain balance, and build strength. Skills are deconstructed into manageable steps, ensuring each child understands the movement fully, all while keeping the joy of exploration at the heart of every session. Plus, they’ll have the chance to experiment with every piece of equipment the gym has to offer! As children show readiness, we’ll introduce them o new activities and challenges, fostering their confidence on various gymnastics apparatus.

CanGYM FUNdamentals is designed for those eager to explore gymnastics in a dynamic and engaging way, wetting the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of movement and fitness.

Who Should Join? This class is perfect for children aged 4.25 yrs to 5 years who have previously enjoyed at least one session of Active Start or have some experience in an independent sport.

Class Details: Engage in a fun-filled hour of learning and play, once a week.