CanGYM |Fundamental Gymnastics: 5 YRS TO 18 YRS


Learn basic gymnastics skills while having fun and getting fit! CanGym is a nationally recognized program that unites participants, coaches, clubs, and communities of all gymnastics disciplines. Utilizing an inclusive and developmentally appropriate approach, the CanGym program empowers participants to build a foundation of physical competence and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthy, active living.

CanGym Badges General Information

The CanGym Badges program is a nationally recognized curriculum for recreational gymnastics.  It is a 12-level skill-based program. At each level, there are skills that must be achieved to move onto the next level.  This program is based on ability and NOT on age.

There are approximately 30 skills per badge. At the end of each session, each child receives a Report Card, clearly indicating which skills are learning/attempted (L) and mastered (√). In order to pass a particular badge, a child must master all of the elements on the Report Card.

Badges or participation ribbons will be delivered in the child’s report card at the end of each session.

These key program skills have been selected to ensure a clear progression from one badge to the next, ultimately leading to the key skills that are contained in the Gold Badge.

The progression through the coloured badges is as follows:

Burgundy  Red  Tan  Bronze  Purple  Blue  Turquoise  Silver  Orange  Yellow  Green  Gold

Badge 1- Burgundy

Floor: Forward roll down an incline; Log roll; Hands on bench or box, cartwheel over; Five consecutive springs

Bars: Long hang

Beam: Balances on 1 foot

Badge 2- Red

Floor: Backward roll to feet down incline; Forward roll to feet; Jump half turn

Bars: From front support, forward rotation to stand; Land on back on 8’ safety mat from sole hang; 3 front support swings (cast) – hips on bar

Beam: Two and three point balances

Vault: 3 to 5 step run to 2 foot take off on beat board

Badge 3 – Tan 

Floor: Forward 2 foot landing (waist height); Tripod balance roll out (tucked position); Backward roll down incline

Bars: Cast, push away from bar to land on feet; Skin the cat to feet; Straight body inverted hang

Beam: Locomotions in supports; Front to stride to back support

Vault:  Run, jump onto knee height apparatus (with beat board, no hands); Two foot springs over, up and off objects

Badge 4 – Bronze

Floor: Forward shoulder roll; Headstand forward roll; Backward roll to feet; Jump full turn; Cartwheel; Shoulder stands; Handstands

Bars: Locomotions in hangs; Pullover bar at chest height (one leg kick); Straight arm jump to front support; Three 45 degree long hang swings to rear dismount

Vault: Run, jump onto waist height apparatus (with beat board, no hands)

Badge 5 – Purple

Floor: Handstand forward roll; Press headstand; Series of 3 cartwheels; Roundoff

Bars: Cast – feet to bar height (5 times); Long hang swing, release on forward swing to land on back on incline – assisted; Pullover – bar at head height

Beam: Various walks and runs; Forward roll to sit; Backward shoulder roll to kneel on beam – assisted; Roundoff dismount

Vault: Handstand on floor ’Pop’ up to flat back onto 8’ safety mats

Badge 6 – Blue 

Floor: Handstand for 3 sec – controlled landing; Lower to bridge from handstand; Straight arm backward roll; Hurdle to roundoff with immediate rebound; Cartwheel to roundoff

Bars: Cast – feet to horizontal, return to bar; Jump to pike or straddle underswing;  Back hip circle

Beam: Chasse and skipping; Jump to tuck or straddle on beam; Forward roll to stand

Vault: Handspring with beat board and mini tramp – assisted; Handstand – spring from block onto feet

Badge 7 – Turquoise

Floor: Dive roll at shoulder height to stand with beat board; Forward handspring from knee height to stand; Dive cartwheel; Roundoff, rebound to back, land on waist height mats; 1/1 turn on floor

Bars: Cast – push away to long hang swing; Cast – straddle or pike underswing dismount; Glide or long hang swing to pike to toes to bar; Kip timer (of choice)

Beam: One foot mount with beat board; Cartwheel; 3-4 steps to 2 foot take off at end of beam; Forward handspring dismount

Vault: Handspring with beat board and mini tramp; Jump to handstand using only beat board

Badge 8 – Silver (Women)

Floor: Forward handspring (assisted); Handstand with four weight transfers; Backward handspring down incline

Bars: Free hip circle; Long hand swing pullover to front support

Beam: Handstand; Half turn on one foot

Vault: Handspring with beat board

Badge 9 – Orange (Women)

Floor: Handstand half turn; Forward or backward walkover; Backward handspring; Forward salto

Bars: Tuck or pike on – jump to catch high bar; Cast to 45 degrees above horizontal

Beam: Handstand mount on low beam; Forward salto dismount (assisted)

Vault: Round-off entry onto beat board with rebound

Badge 10 – Yellow (Women)

Floor: Aerial cartwheel; Round-off – backward handspring; Forward salto – step out

Bars: Glide kip; Backward sole circle (assisted); Free hip circle to stand (low bar)

Beam: Forward or backward walkover; Forward salto dismount

Vault: 1/1 twist to back on piled mats

Badge 11 – Green (Women)

Floor: Handstand 1/1 turn; Forward salto to round-off

Bars: Backward sole circle; Uprise (assisted)

Beam: Backward salto dismount; Forward or backward handspring (assisted)

Vault: Handspring 1/1 with beat board and mini tramp

Badge 12 – Gold (Women)

Floor: Forward handspring to forward salto; Round-off, backward handspring, backward salto

Bars: Cast to handstand (straddled); Uprise; Flyaway dismount (assisted)

Beam: Forward or backward handspring; Round-off or cartwheel with flight

Vault: Handspring 1/1; Tsukahara preparation onto vault height stacked mats

Please take note that progress through the various levels depends on each child’s abilities and efforts and that, as such, it may take more than one session of classes for a child to pass a particular level.